Thank You for an AMAZING 2014!!!!!

As I take a second to reflect on this Chrstmas Eve, it is crazy to think that two years ago I was in a classroom, my oldest daughter was in daycare, my youngest daughter was not here yet and I sold ZERO items on eBay via the drop shipping model that would end up setting me free to be a full time Dad. It is even crazier to think of all that has been accomplished in these past two years. If anything should be learned from my experience, it is that a clearly defined goal, regardless of how crazy it sounds to others, when chased with dedication and a pure heart can be reached.

Although I am proud of my accomplishments, I would not be here without help, guidance and support of others. My wife deserves the most credit. Although I have tried multiple ways to earn income, my wife always allowed me (without too much grief) to chase my passions. I next have to thank my personal mentors. From the core Elite Drop Shippers mentors to some virtual friends that have spent hours on the phone and in personal messages with me discussing new ideas and talking out techniques. Thank you for the coaching.

There is another group of individuals that are due major props. My team members, commonly known as the eBay Ninjas, and the growing community of members of Shoe String Selling, my Amazon training system. Without you all, I would have long grown complacent. You all keep me on my toes and growing. Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your online sales journey! I need to also throw some love towards the casual social media posters. You have zero invested in my journey but when you take a second to like, comment or share on one of my posts, it just brightens my day!

Lastly, let me thank the hundreds upon hundreds of customers who purchased from me. You most likely will never see this but know that you are appreciated! Because of these customers, I am proud to share that I’ve cleared over $100,000 in sales volume on both Amazon and eBay! I can’t leave out my Fiverr buyers. You guys have been a much appreciated blessing. Don’t forget that my first drop shipped sale did not occur until 12/26/2012. All of this has been accomplished in under 2 years!

In closing, I encouragee all of you to set clearly defined goals. Then chase after them as if your life depended on reaching those goals. Pray about them as if God was about to grant you guidance. Don’t ever quit. I look forward to celebrating your successes with you in 2015 and beyond!

Happy holidays!

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