“Chris Smith is someone I’ve worked with since 2009. One of the most tenacious, persistent, and helpful entrepreneurs I know. I’ve seen him become a #1 affiliate, create packs of followers in internet marketing in record times, and become a Full-Time stay at home dad and quit his J.O.B. thanks to his willingness to help others. When we first met he told me his ‘why’ was to be with his kids full time, he is 1 of the few that followed the plan and achieved success through keeping it simple and duplicating that among the people that he chooses to work with. Despite adversity and doubts he never gave up, never stopped, kept the faith and now he has an outrageous number of people succeeding in his programs and working with him. If you have been looking for a mentor or someone who is just “real” to work with/follow, Chris is a man of integrity and I am proud to associate and work with. Thank you for your leadership and showing others it is possible to achieve their dreams!”

Ron Gelok III
Internet Rock Star & Home Business Entrepreneur

Ron Gelok







“Chris Smith is by far the best coach, and leader, I’ve worked with. His hard work and dedication are bar none. He wants everyone to succeed and he’s there to give a helping hand every step of the way.”

Becky Sanfilippo
Professional Photographer

Becky Sanfilippo









“Chris Smith is not only a genuine and nice guy to talk to, he is a wealth of information. I think his experience as a teacher gives him a unique ability to not only start a new trainee on the right path and get them making money fast, but it allows him to see where one is needing a bit of extra guidance in order to get you where your dreams are taking you. His ability to listen to your goals and funnel your efforts in the right direction make him a better coach than most of the people out there that are “looking for someone who is coachable”. I am sure you have seen the ads. They just need another warm body to fill a position in their program. That is not the case with Chris. The difference is that selling products through sites like eBay allowed Chris to leave his job and this is now how he makes his living. So you get real world advice from someone who is in the trenches keeping up with the changes in the field daily and that same person can use his great talent to package that information into bite sized blocks of usable information, whether you are new or have years of experience. Chris Smith is the mentor for you. Thanks for all your help and advice Chris!”

John Radin
President, Norse Management Inc.

John R







“Chris Smith is THE SOURCE when it comes to mastering Amazon and eBay. Since I’ve known Chris, he has been a pioneer in his field of expertise. Always innovating, forward thinking, and bringing a fresh angle to the table.”

Katie Vega
Minivan Marketer Mom










“Around September of 2013 I made a decision to find a way to make money online, from home. When I began to research all the systems and ideas out there I was truly overwhelmed. I realized early on that I needed help. I was drawn to Chris as a mentor/coach for two main reasons. Firstly, he was able to demonstrate success. Financial success and the freedom to set his own hours that we all desire. Secondly, he is a family man first and an entrepreneur second. Anyone can go to a job and work longer hours to make more money, I wanted to make more from home, with my family. The most beneficial part of learning from Chris has been that every time I am ready to take the next step in my business Chris is ready to teach me how. From drop shipping on eBay, to attraction marketing, to selling on Amazon FBA, Chris has had not only the answers, but also the motivation I needed. Having a direct connection to a subject matter expert is an invaluable tool in this business. Just imagine if you wanted to learn about the theory of relativity, and had the option to ask Einstein your questions!”

John Durlin
Online Sales Coach

John Durlin








“I have known Chris for about six months, and from what I have witnessed, he is a dedicated father and family man. He has been a great coach, mentor and friend. In our business endeavors he has proven to be professional, ethical and reliable. He has always been very quick to respond to messages when I had questions or concerns. He has proven to me that he cares if my business succeeds or not, by offering tips and pointers to help get my business over or around obstacles. I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with Mr. Smith.”

Paul Lazenby
Owner of Gulf Coast Emporium, LLC








“Chris Smith is one of the good guys in the internet marketing world. In business its important to work with the right people, with the right mindset and work ethic who posses that “can do it” attitude that separates them from others. Chris is one of those guys. I’ve personally worked with, masterminded with and been mentored by Chris, he has a genuine approach to helping people and is very willing to help you succeed. Thanks Chris for always being one of my biggest cheerleaders, I appreciate your support.”

Julie Brock
Private Label Expert










“Chris Smith is a Rock Star. The training programs that he has put together is PURE VALUE! No fluff. Just MEAT and POTATOES! He takes what seems to be complicated processes and makes them easy to understand. Thanks again, Chris”

Jc Hernandez
Firefighter & Home Business Entrepreneur









“Chris Smith.   Awesome coach.   Actually spent an hour on the phone with me BEFORE I joined his team.  Since I joined, Chris has always been available, and has provided more help and support than I ever could have dreamed of.   I am so thankful that I joined his team, and have had much more success than any other organization I have been part of.  Chris is a true leader, he has a knack for steering people in the right direction, and supports them on their journey to success.  He doesn’t brag about his success, he gives his team step by step instruction, so that they can succeed also. Teamwork is key in our organization. Thanks Chris for all you do for the team.”

Carla McElroy
Traveling RV Entrepreneur








“Chris is a great leader. He takes the time to test things before presenting to the team to make sure we are successful. He coaches the team on eBay best match practices so we are “top notch” not just top rated sellers!”

Jennifer Pruslin Ouellette
Rock Star Mom & Entrepreneur