Online Selling Tip: Used Books Are A Goldmine

Used Books Are Not Dead!

If you believe all of the hype from all of the trolls in the various Facebook Selling Groups, you may believe that used book selling is absolutely dead. This belief could not be further from the truth! Here is the success of one of my Instagram followers, fbanoobz, proving that book selling is in fact alive and well! They took just under $27 in product cost and turned it into over $216 in profit! Yes, this is after FBA fees.

Here is a pro tip about selling books. eBay is still KING for those one of a kind / collector / vintage books. I would not do an auction. I would only do a Buy-It-Now on a Good-Til-Cancelled listing. I would not do an auction. I would also do as much research as possible before buying the book. A great place to start is by looking at completed listings on eBay. There you will see what a book has sold for in the past. On the Amazon side of selling books, I move all of my “other” used books via FBA after scanning to see if a profit can be made.

Here is a second pro tip. If you begin to acquire books in a certain niche or about a specific topic, take the Civil War as an example, and discover that they will not turn a profit via FBA, consider doing a bulk auction on eBay. I did this for a bunch of Anne Rice books. They were not going to generate me a profit if I sold them FBA individually. However, my $0.01 eBay auction ended up turning a $40 profit! I know that coach to do everything with free shipping. Auctions like these are an exception. I would require the buyer to pay shipping. If you use eBay’s Shipping Calculator, with the exact measurements of the box and correct weight, the buyer will know exactly what they are getting themselves into as far as shipping cost(s)

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