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Paribus is service that will automatically track your online purchases for supported retailers. If there is a price change from when you purchased your items, they will automatically attempt to submit a price match request. If approved by the retailer, you get money back! Before you ask…. Yes, they do take a small percent of that refund to support the software. Amazon alone changes prices on TONS of products DAILY! It shouldn’t take long to earn back some FREE money that you wouldn’t have got back unless you monitored everyone of your purchases.

Here is what it looks like when you get cash back:


How Does Paribus Work?

Upon registering for your Paribus account (use my signup link and It will save you an EXTRA 5% in fees!), they will request access to your email address and to your Amazon account. Paribus will then monitor your email account for the receipts that these retailers send you. When they find a receipt from a valid retailer, it will start tracking the products from that receipt in the Purchases section of Paribus. If that product drops in price within the price match policy time frame (please note that this varies by retailer), Paribus will automatically request a price match refund on your behalf. You don’t have to do ANYTHING! They do charge a small fee for this service. It starts out at 25% of the refund you get. For example, if you get a $1.00 refund, they get $0.25 of it. You save 5% by going through my link. You can then get this fee lowered more by referring other people. Each person you refer, drops your fee by 5%. Refer 4 friends and this service is now FREE!!!!!!

What retailers does Paribus support?


Currently, Paribus supports some major online retailers. This list continues to grow. As of writing this post, they support: Amazon, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Best Buy, Sephora, Newegg, Staples, Target, Bonobos, J.Crew, Zappos, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy, Athleta, Piperlime and Walmart.

Does Paribus REALLY work?

To be blunt, YES!!!!! I’ve been using the service for a few weeks and I am already over $50 in refunds! Not bad for me doing basically nothing!

Why does Paribus need access to my email?

Paribus scans your email inbox for the receipts from retailers to know whether or not you have made a purchase in order to start tracking the products and knowing who the retailer is. Paribus also supports most of the major webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail. For more information about the security of this, check their FAQ here. Please note that they have worked with McAfee to confirm their tools are safe and secure. They need access to your account to send emails to the retailers on your behalf.

Why does Paribus need my credit card?

Paribus isn’t free. They take a percentage of the amount you get back on a refund. They let the retailer refund you the full amount. Then they charge the credit card you provided to them for their fee. For example: when you get a $1.00 back from Amazon on a refund, Amazon will show this $1.00 on your Account under the Gift Cards section. Paribus will charge your credit card the 25% fee (or whatever current rate you are at). NOTE: if you use the following link to sign up or add my code to your account after sign up it will drop your fee down 5%. My referral link is: OR use code: XOAXqJ. You can skip the credit card entry process. You’re first price match is FREE.

Creative solution to get around giving access to your personal email:

Some individuals may be a little leery about giving them full access to your email account. You could create a NEW email account just for shopping. After you setup a new email account, you can go edit your account on the retailer’s site to use the new email account. Then sign up for Paribus with the new email account. Then any new purchases made will go to the new email account, which Paribus will be monitoring. Any personal mail will still be sent to your OLD email account, and out of the reach of Paribus.

Bonus Tip

You may get some orders that will show up as Maybe. The note on those indicate you can’t get a refund through the retailer, but your credit card company may honor the price change. If you have the time, you may want to request the price difference from your credit card.

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Happy Buying!

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