Make The Most Out Of Every Situation!!!!!

If there is an opposite of having a green thumb, my thumbs would be that color! I really don’t enjoy yard work. It isn’t a secret. Outside of being able to put on headphones and get some time in my own head, I struggle to find any joy out of working in the yard. I know that there are a ton of people that LOVE working in the yard. I’m just not one of them.

Now that we have established a baseline of my love for working outside, I want to share how one of my recent days of working in the yard ended up being more fun than taking a trip to our local amusement park. I don’t have a large library of memories to pull from when I think about growing up in the trailer park beneath the landfill (Yes, overcoming that fact in middle school was fun!) but I do have a very fond memory of being able to jump in the pile of leaves that my father was raking.

LeavesI used this memory to fuel a very fun day for my almost 4 year old and myself. We would rake a pile that was taller than her, she would dive in and then we would push into a yard waste bag as many leaves as possible. We did this over and over again. Before we knew it, we had filled over 20 bags in one afternoon!

I know this may be near impossible in some situations but I’ve really been making a conscious effort to look at situations from a positive standpoint. We control how we interpret situations. We control how we react. We choose how we enter into a task. I could have been all negative, mumbling under my breath but I decided to make it a fun day for my little princess.

I’m a long ways away from being the person that I want to be. Earl Nightingale in the recording “The Strangest Secret” teaches us to write out the person that we want to be and then act the part. I read my “perfect me” paragraph often. As I focus on being full of gratitude for what I have and trying to help people in their journeys, I feel like I get even more blessings.  I use to think that all of this positive thinking mumbo-jumbo was a waste of time. The more I keep growing as a person, the more I realize how my own self talk impacts my day, my relationships and how much enjoyment is in my life. My open challenge to you all: Next time you are looking at doing an undesirable task, make a decision to enjoy it!

Make it a GREAT day!


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