FBA Tip: Purcahse Supplies With Coupons (Staples Example)

No one insists that you have to pay full price for supplies! One of the ways that I teach my ShoeStringSelling students to cut costs is to purchase supplies when they are really marked down or by buying in bulk. It is awesome when you are able to combine both of these money saving tactics by getting a bulk deal discounted even further.






Everyone knows that your price per unit goes down when you buy larger packages. For example, you can buy packing tape in single packages, in 3 packs, in 6 packs, in 9 packs or in a case of 36 rolls. Each time you go up in size, your cost per roll goes down.

Let me give you an example:
I purchased the 36 roll case yesterday.
The selling price of this case was $49.99.
Individual rolls were between $3.00 – $5.69
My cost per unit was $1.39 ($49.99 / 36 = $1.39)
By buying the larger box, I was saving at least $1.61 per roll.


Staples_CouponSounds like a good deal, huh? Well I made it even sweeter by using a coupon! Staples had a coupon for packaging / shipping supplies. If you spent $50 on these items, you could save $20 off of your total purchase. The case that I purchased was $49.99. I found another item in this category that was $0.59. This made my total purchase price $50.58 before tax. I then used my $20 off coupon which brought my total price down to $30.58. At $30.58, my per unit cost on a roll of tape is an amazing $0.85 ($30.58 / 36 = $0.85)! Now that is an AMAZING deal on tape.

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