FBA Tip: Hold Off Sending In After Christmas Buys

Don’t Send All Of That In!

There are a bunch of retailers dumping after Christmas deals right now. I am finding a ton of great steals at Target, Walgreens and CVS. If you are into bundling, check out the dollar stores. My local Dollar Tree has some great filler items to make some amazing bundles for next’s years shopping season. When you are picking these items up for pennies on the dollars, you are able to sit on the (non-perishable) bundles until next Christmas.

If you are buying perishable items or items that could potentially sell year round, white tree lights for example, DO NOT send them all in right now. You can send in an item or two but do not send all of your purchases in. Why? Amazon’s Long Term Storage Fees will be hitting in February. The LTSF assessment will hit most, if not all, sellers on February 15th. By doing this, you will not get hit with storage fees until August. This is the same reason that my Halloween buys have not been sent in yet.

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