eBay Tip: Make Your Pictures Blow Up On Google Searches!!!!

Google Friendly Photos

Most eBay sellers simply do not understand the importance of pictures on their listings. I see way too many sellers with only one photo on their listings. Not only do I think sellers need more than one picture but they need multiple unique photographs – even if they are using stock photographs. Why? Without doing this, you risk not having your images (and listings) getting pulled on Google Images.

The image file name is important for your pictures is so important. Add words like brand, size, and type. Do not use numbers or the default given with the pictures. A title or keywords should be added, as this becomes the URL on the picture. Personally, I use the eBay title as the name for my image(s). Don’t name it be 123.jpg, name it like redcoat.jpg. When the photo is loading search engines pick up the URL JPEG keywords are picked up. By doing this will help get your pictures to show up in Google Images, which will also pick your eBay listing URL that is connected to the images.

If you are selling new items with a stock photo, edit several of these photos to create more photos. Example, if the item is of a plush toy crop the extra photos to show the head, body, legs as separate pictures and tags if available. Or if selling pottery or glass items crop the stock photos to make close-up images of the item. eBay gives sellers 12 free pictures for every listing. Take advantage of all 12 of them if possible.

You can go to this link on Taking Great Pictures for eBay Listings. eBay had even created a Photo Tutorial in figuring out your pixel size if you do not know what size your pictures are. eBay also has an eBay Photo Center for seller to help you create better pictures.

If you follow the tips for having pictures that blow up on Google, you should see an increase in sales from Google searches. Need more help? Check out our 30+ training module training center to help struggling eBay sellers’ listings seen on eBay. You can get more information on these trainings here. If you would benefit from these trainings, make sure to subscribe to my blog for continuous updates or join my Facebook Group here!

Happy Selling!!!!!

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