eBay Selling Tip: Brand Your Account With A Great Name!!!!!

You need to choose a good ID name that will help you build a brand on eBay.

One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a successful eBay seller is branding. You do have the advantage of operating under the eBay brand, which is substantial – but your ultimate goal shouldn’t be to have your customers say, “I bought it off of eBay.” Your goal should be to have your customers recognize and appreciate your own brand. eBay is just a selling tool. Don’t make the mistake of relying too heavily on eBay for driving your sales.

It Is Your Business

You’re starting a business of your own. You are not partnering with eBay. One of the most important part of this process is establishing your own brand. Your company name – reflected in your eBay user ID – is going to set the tone for your future success.

A Name That Works Everywhere

The best eBay sellers don’t limit themselves to selling on eBay exclusively. You may want to create your own sales website outside of eBay to complement your eBay sales efforts. I would coach that your off-eBay identity should match up with your eBay user ID. Keep in mind that your identity should be reflected everywhere – eBay, Amazon, etsy, your own website and domain name, your Facebook and other social media sites and in any print collateral you may create. Selecting a eBay user ID is not a step that should be taken lightly. This will help your buyers identify you from a very crowded marketplace.

Company Name Trends

You’re not just choosing a user ID, you are choosing an identity for your company. It is possible to choose an identity on your own with a few things in mind. Some of the biggest trends in branding and identity involve using made-up or misspelled words. Think of company names like “Skype” and “Zynga” for example – these are completely fabricated words that have no meaning whatsoever. Also, misspelling a word may make a brand stand out more, as is the case with companies like “Tumblr” and “Digg.” If you go this route, you may need some marketing money to get your name brand launched. I personally coach using words that end in “s” and switching these to end in “z.” For example, Hot Deals would become the user ID: hotdealz.


Having a unique name, especially if it brands you in a niche, is one of the most powerful marketing tools to utilize when selling on eBay.

Stand Out From Others

Choosing a unique name is essential for two reasons. Firstl, you want to make sure the name isn’t too common because potential buyers may go to another seller with a similar name. Second, are the legalities of selling online. Should you eventually decide to incorporate or purchase a domain name that reflects your identity, you want to make sure your name isn’t identical or overly similar to something already in use.

Know What Is Legal

There are a few restrictions that eBay imposes on selecting a user ID. Some restrictions are obvious – no profanity. You also need to avoid trademark or brand confusion. For example, you can’t incorporate someone else’s brand into your own ID. If you sell vintage Pepsi Cola trays, you can’t call yourself PepsiColaTrays. Even your own name isn’t safe. If your last name is Coleman, you can not call your store ColemanCampingSupplies. The folks at Coleman embrace your family heritage and will most likely send their lawyers a memo asking them to get in touch with you.

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