Business Tip: Staying Focused On Your Goals

Here Are My Essential Tips For Staying Focused On Your Goals

If you are in business for yourself, you will encounter all kinds of roadblocks that test your dedication to achieve your goals. Here are my essential tips to help you maneuver around barriers looking to take your attention away from reaching your goals. Please note that these tips go beyond business owners and can be applied to basically any goal that you have. Be it weight loss, getting better grades in school, or any other achievement you are striving for, these tips will help you!

Know YOUR priorities.

You have priorities. You may have even written them down or added them to your daily to do list on your iPhone but will they get completed? In all seriousness, you should not have to write them down. You should know your daily priorities. They are the beacons of light that guide your ultimate success. Your top business priorities are those things that will have the biggest positive impact on your business. You need both business and personal priorities to do your best work and live your best life – think family, health and religion. Here is a great article priorities by LifeHacker.Com to help guide you if you are struggling with priorities in all areas of your life.

Share your priorities with those that can help you stay focused.

Those who love you should want to support you in reaching your goals. However, they will not know how to do that until you have explained your priorities with them. Telling people what what your goals (and priorities) will make it easier to set boundaries around your time. When you say, “I’m sorry. I can not have lunch today because I have an outbound shipment ready to be processed and shipped to Amazon.” they should better understand why.

Let it go.

We all need to take a tip from Elsa here.


By saying “Yes” to your big goals, it means that you must say “No” to other obligations that take up your time. Decide what should be eliminated from your schedule. This might be spending time on social media (my personal time drain), getting caught up on current events or watching a favorite television show. This might also mean that you need to pull back from tasks that aren’t serving you. For example, I no longer attend my local Chamber of Commerce meetings for small business owners.

Practice a good ‘Rejection Line.’

A ‘Rejection Line’ is what you use to say “No, thank you” to requests for your time and / or energy. Personally, I favor the one I picked up in my years in Business-To-Business sales. It is, “I’m sorry I can’t do that with/for you. I have another obligation at that time.” Another great line is “Let me think about it and get back to you.” This is more about postponing a response rather than delivering an outright rejection. It is perfect to use when you are tempted and may seriously want to reconsider the offer or invite.

Believe in yourself.

Trust that you can accomplish your goals – even those big ones that seem to be out of reach. They wouldn’t have occurred to you if the Universe was not ready to deliver the to your doorstep. There will be people and circumstances that try to separate you from your goals and dreams. The more you have faith in your purpose or life’s direction, the more likely you will be to stand up for what is important to YOU.

Schedule time and let others know.

If you have a lofty goal, you have to plan to work towards it. This sounds easy but it is often near impossible to fit in daily. Thus, you need to schedule time for your tasks. You may even need to hang a sign on your work-space door telling others that you are not available. A sign reminds you and (intentional and unintentional) interrupters that you are working. If you are a laptop entrepreneur like myself, LOG OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Doing this will greatly reduce any temptations.

Ask yourself “What If . . . ?”

When I was working on my Amazon Selling course, one of my mentors asked me, “What if you keep placing this on hold and someone else makes an inferior product and takes your potential buyers?” The thought that someone else may beat me to the punch me helped me stay on task. Ask yourself, what is your “What If” question that will help you stay focused on your priorities?

I hope this helps you find, set and keep your priorities. If you found any value in this post, please subscribe to my blog.

Have fun chasing your dreams!

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