Business Building Tip: Massive Results Require Massive Action!!!!

If you want to have all that you want in life, you are going to need to take massive action!!!!!

If you are looking for some magic pill or secret short cut to transform your business, stop looking. Massive success only comes after massive action. I have seen this over and over in my personal business experience and in my students’ journeys. Massive action starts with the decision to change where things are now because you can achieve anything you truly desire in your heart. Knowing that you are destined to fulfill your goals will drive you to changes that will need be changed.

Your decision is the first step towards change. Regardless of the decision, every change requires action. Will it be challenging at times to stay motivated? Yes. Even now, my mind makes excuses for me to not take action. Here are some pointers that I have found to be helpful in motivating myself:

Know your “Why?”

Start with where you want to be. To achieve your goal, it is important to define clearly what your goal is. How do you know when you have achieved your goal? Have a measurable end. Once you have a goal, it is important to understanding the “Why” behind why you have set a goal. Ask yourself what are the motivating factors behind your goal? Family? Kids? Why must you succeed? Being able to visualize yourself at the finish line is crucial to your success.

Break your goal down to small achievable tasks

It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the effort and energy involved in achieving a goal that will result in massive success. If your goal consists of unknown factors or a long process, prepare to fight being overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is a nasty monster to fight. We tell ourselves ‘it is impossible’ or ‘it is too much work.’ Then we give up even before we take action. I have found it helpful to split my main goal into milestones. I then break each milestone into specific steps. I then break each step down further into smaller, measurable and achievable tasks that can be achieved – preferably in a few hours or less. This will make the milestone and massive goal appear manageable. Accomplishing tasks builds confidence and momentum. Before you know it, the end result will be in sight.

All journeys begin with the first step

Even the smallest first step will help create momentum in the right direction. I typically set my first tasks on achieving a goal easier tasks to accomplish. I also write out my tasks. I cross off tasks once they are accomplished. There is something powerful in seeing tasks getting accomplished. Do not forget to give yourself small rewards for completed steps or tasks.

Find inspiration

Lastly, I want to encourage you to get AND stay inspired.┬áBeing around positive people really helps to inspire us into action. Find people who are consistently aligning their actions towards their goals. Being around these people can be infectious in a great way! Their energy will impact you. Doesn’t sound like your family and friends? Find motivational speakers online. Listening to a fe1w minutes of motivating audio can create enough energy to get you fired up. Personally, I recommend, Eric Thomas, Anthony Robbins and Les Brown.

I hope this helps you find the actions steps that you need to have massive results. If you found any value in this post, please subscribe to my blog.

Have fun chasing your dreams!

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