Brands That Are Not Allowed To Be Sold On Amazon

Here is the “unofficial” list of brands that can not be sold by 3rd Party Sellers on Amazon

Did you know that there are more than a few brands that can not be resold on Amazon?  For the longest time I did not know that there was a list of brands that could not be sold on Amazon by 3rd Party Sellers like myself. eBay has an official list, called VeRO to address the selling of branded products. Amazon does not have any official or even an unofficial list of branded items that can not be sold. If  you are curious to why these items can not be sold on Amazon, here are the most common reasons:

  1. these products are easily counterfeited
  2. these products are easily stolen from retail stores
  3. the brand does not want the perceived value to be decreased by being discounted on retail websites
  4. the brand is sold exclusively elsewhere (Avon, MaryKay, etc)

If you have not come across trying to list an item that can not be resold on Amazon, you will at some point. You most likely will only discover this when Amazon contacts you about the infringement. The main issue with selling these brands on Amazon is that you will not be stopped from listing them. For example, Dunkin’ Doughnuts is on this list. (I found out the hard way to not list their items.) Take this product:



This Dunkin’ Donut Coffee Blend has multiple sellers. (see below)


Assuming that Amazon is one of the sellers, the other 33 sellers on this product are at risk of getting a ‘brand violation’ for selling branded items on Amazon without the brand owner’s consent. The violation would come from Amazon but it would be sparked by Dunkin’ Donuts corporate offices citing trademark infringement. These violations are kind of a big deal. If you get a handful of these, Amazon will suspend your account (if not terminate it). Being that there isn’t an “official” list, most of us are totally unaware that we are doing anything wrong because we were able to list the items on Amazon. Amazon does not openly enforce not listing the branded products listed below. However, they will take action against sellers that are reported by brand owners.

Please remember that some brands may only have certain products restricted. Also, do not forget that some vendors are ‘Official Vendors’ and may be permitted to sell a specific brand online while the rest of us can not.  Here is the “unofficial” list that I have acquired:


  1. ERGObaby


  1. Burberry
  2. Chico
  3. Coach
  4. Ferragamo


  1. Apple
  2. “Beats” by Dre
  3. Bose
  4. Brookstone
  5. Canon Cameras – used only
  6. Franklin Electronics
  7. Monster Audio headphones
  8. Nikon Cameras – used only
  9. Ninja Blenders
  10. Otter Box
  11. Solio
  12. Sony Cameras – used only
  13. Speck iPad/iPhone cases
  14. Spigen
  15. T-Mobile Prepaid Phones


  1. Dunkin Donuts

Health & Beauty:

  1. Ahava
  2. Bare Essentials cosmetics
  3. Benefiber
  4. Bliss
  5. Butter London
  6. Buxom Buxom
  7. Chanel
  8. CHI
  9. Comtrex
  10. DDF
  11. Dr Brandt
  12. Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care
  13. Escada
  14. Excedrin Sinus Headache
  15. Gillette
  16. InStyler
  17. Japonesque
  18. L’ Occitane
  19. La Bella Donna
  20. Lancome
  21. Lorac
  22. MAC cosmetics
  23. Molton Brown
  24. Nars
  25. Norelco
  26. Oral B
  27. Oscar Blandi
  28. Perfume samples
  29. Perfume testers
  30. Perricone
  31. Ralph Lauren perfume
  32. Stila
  33. StriVectin
  34. The Art of Shaving
  35. Theraflu Caplets
  36. Urban Decay


  1. Adobe software
  2. Beach Body / P-90X
  3. Disney DVD
  4. HBO
  5. Rosetta Stone Language
  6. Showtime
  7. Warner Brothers


  1. Discovery Kids (Not all products)
  2. Snoopy Sno Cone Machine

The lines are very blurry on some of these brands. For example, HBO keeps a very close eye on products that they have licensed from the originally produced content. The show, Game of Thrones, is very popular right now. HBO has allowed official merchandise to be produced. However, there are a ton of 3rd Party Sellers selling unofficial merchandise and clothing that appears to be knock-offs. Even if you are on the ethical side of selling Game of Thrones merchandise, HBO may come in at anytime and state that they want Amazon to pull all merchandise from their website. Please note that Amazon itself will still be allowed to sell these products. To be safe, you may want to consider avoiding the products listed above. If you have come across other brands that are restricted, please feel free to comment below and I will add them to our growing list of manufactures / brands that should not be sold on Amazon.

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