Attraction Marketing For Dummies…..

In my online journey, I have been fortunate to learn from some AMAZING mentors and coaches. The people that I’ve learned from are current in their teaching and are proven leaders with Attraction Marketing techniques. Rather than me try to reinvent the art of Attraction Marketing, I became their student! (Personal side note: I’ve even received multiple personal coaching calls from one of those guys who speak on stages at those major networking events!)

So here is my Internet journey….. I had very little success from 2010, when I first stated online, through the end of 2013. I think I sponsored 3 people directly into the company that I was representing in 3 years. One person per year isn’t exactly on fire. However, in 2014 I was the top recruiter / trainer during 3 of the 12 months. Furthermore, I was blessed to be in the top 3 all year.

What was different? I began to grasp Attraction Marketing techniques, closing potential recruits and making sure my team members had success. To make the formula easy to understand, I will break it down into simple 8 steps. Please note that each of these could be a full blown case study but for the sake of this easy to understand blog post, I will keep them to the point. They are:

1. Represent a product, opportunity or company that you fully support. Others will feel your authenticity.

2. Provide value in your marketing efforts. For example, I often provide free tips in my video promotions.

3. Do NOT SPAM! Do not blast links. I do not personally send a referral or affiliate link until someone asks to join my team.

4. Think of your PERFECT prospect. Make your content with them in mind. Don’t try recruit everyone. Attract and work with people who you want to work with. (I’ve even fired a team member that was overly negative, would bring the group down with his posts and would not accept coaching!)

5. Follow my “1 in 4 rule.” For every four social media posts, no more than one should be about your business. My posts typically are: 1 motivational quote, 1 inspiring or funny picture, 1 thought about my day or a post about my family and 1 post about something in my business.

6. Post at least every 3rd day to keep your audience engaged. I personally try to engage my followers / friends/ connections every day.

7. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. You have attracted a prospect. Now what? Be their solution. Find out what their “pain” is and provide a solution. If it is money, show them how they can make more. If it is time freedom, show them how your opportunity will give them more time. The children’s book “The Loins Paw” illustrates this concept rather well. ALSO IMPORTANT: Do not tell them all about your “pain.” Be a good listener and offer solutions.

8. Help them. Reach out to them. Give them steps to do. I personally offer a “Fast Start” email layout for new eBay team members. My Amazon students get a Quick Start video series to get them going in the right direction. Do not do the work for them but be able to help.

Following these steps, I changed my results 180 degrees. I went from 3 recruits in 3 years, to once sponsoring 3 new reps in one day!

Hope this helps!

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