A Set Back Is A Set Up For Success!!!!!

If you are one of my eBay students via Ninja Auction Secrets or if you are a member of my Amazon training course, Shoe String Selling, you have heard me say that “you only fail at this if you quit.” I believe this to be true for most things in life. Think about it…. When you stop going to the gym, you loose muscle. If you go off of your diet, you most likely will gain any lost weight back. This is where I think we all need to look at failure or set backs as being set ups for success.

One could write an encyclopedia on why people fail. What I have found is that when people don’t meet a goal, they have missed a step in goal setting. Here is how I would set out a game plan:

  1. Know exactly what your “why” is
  2. Have a clearly established measurable goal
  3. Have action steps towards reaching that goal
  4. Be accountable to someone
  5. Learn from your set backs and mistakes

No one can guarantee success but any person that can follow these simple rules has a very good probability of reaching their goals or at least getting closer to their goal(s).

Step 1 – When looking at a goal, you have to know why you are setting that goal. For example, I wanted to be a full time Dad. I hated dropping my daughter off at Daycare. That sounds pretty clear on the surface but I would argue that it a wish than a goal. I can verbalize it but I can’t feel it. When I really set up a mental picture of what it would look like, is when things really began to take off and fall into place. If I closed my eyes, I could hear my daughter laughing on a ride at Kings Island. I could smell the popcorn in the air. This is when the goal sinks from a wish in your head to a goal in your heart. You are going to do this no matter what!

Step 2 – This is also just as important. You have to know what you are shooting for to have any chance of hitting your goal. For me to not have to go back to teaching, I would need to at least replace my income. After the government’s cut, I was making about $1,500 every two weeks. Thus I had to make $3,000 pee month. I set this goal in March 2013. I had to be there by August 2013. I had a set number and a set time frame.

Step 3 – Having a destination without a map to get you there is a recipe for not even getting close to your goal. In my situation, I was a numbers game. Using my mentors for guidance, I came up with a formula. I knew that 10 sales per day would result in $100 profit days. In a 30 day month, $100 profit days would result in me reaching my goal. Looking at my months of drop shipping, I established a baseline that for every 103 items I had listed, I could basically guarantee a sale. (103 x 10 = 1,030) I had to be around 1,030 items listed. I then attacked that number. I reached my goal of having a $3,000 month in June. August ended up being my first $4,000 month.

Step 4 – You have to be accountable to someone. Every time I’ve had a huge growth in my business, I was working towards a goal that I planned out with a mentor. I was then accountable to myself, to our action plan and to a mentor. (I would not suggest using a spouse as the person you are accountable to. Not from personal experience, but I’ve progress reports or lack there of can be considered nagging.)

Step 5 – Let every mistake, hiccup and failure be a learned lesson. Every time you get a set back, you now know one more way to not do a task. Don’t think about your failures. Instead, think about how much closer you are to your goals. Every person that has accomplished a major goal, has had adversity. The ONLY place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

I hope these five steps help you the next time you are setting some goals. If you got any value from this, please leave a comment!

Happy Selling!!!!!

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